IP Upstream

Our efficient IP backbone (AS20640) has excellent peerings and redundancies.

  • Two Tier-1 provider in Frankfurt and Amsterdam
  • IP-Transit of the Deutschen Telekom (AS3320)
  • Redundant DE-CIX peering
  • Peering at AMS-IX

We support IPv4 and IPv6 throughout the whole backbone. We already offer IPv6 upstream to some well-known organizations.

We can provide IP upstream at all our Points of Presence (PoPs).

Data Centers on net:

  • Interxion Frankfurt (Hanauer Landstrasse / Weißmüller Strasse)
  • TeleCity Frankfurt (Gutleutstrasse)
  • I.T.E.N.O.S  Frankfurt (Rebstöcker Strasse)
  • ANCOTEL Frankfurt (Kleyerstrasse)
  • ColoCenter Eschborn (Schwalbacher Strasse)
  • TeleCity II Amsterdam (Kuiperbergsweg)

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