Wholesale DSL

High-performance internet-access is essential in private and commercial fields. We offer you the opportunity to realize own ADSL2+ and SDSL accesses for your clients.

We offer nationwide different access-technologies. For carriers, ISPs and wholesalers we offer a central management and optimized processes. Wholesale DSL is therefore suitable for IT-departments, which want to link stores, field staff and clients within the own company on a central infrastructure.

We provide Wholesale DSL in two service-classes:

Net hand-over via L2TP
We forward the complete data stream via L2TP to your network. Authorization, accounting, termination and other services are provided through you. You can for example allocate client ip addresses from your own address space.

Full service
Alternatively, we provide all services named above in complete. We operate the RADIUS- and accounting-systems and your clients use our backbone for their internet usage. You can concentrate on the mere sale or your actual net. Comprehensive online tools help you to administrate the accounts.

Different access technologies are used on client’s side:

ADSL2+ complete access
We assign the connection of an ADSL2+ line at your client’s. An additional DSL-agreement is not needed. If there is already a phone line from Deutsche Telekom we can assign the connection of an ADSL2+ shared line, leaving the phone line unchanged.

Symmetrical bandwidths are suitable for crosslinking stores. Bonding of several SHDSL lines gives additional advantages like redundancy and cheap bandwidth enhancement.

T-DSL Access
You can use our access product at existing T-DSL accesses.

ISDN / modem dial-in
We offer dial-in capacities for ISDN or modem for backup reasons or in regions where DSL is not available. As access-numbers, we provide geographic numbers as well as a 0800 free call number that is free as charge for the caller with respect to his phone line provider.

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